The Bighorn is arguably the most famous river in Montana.  This big tailwater offers incredible trout numbers in the first 15 miles below Yellowtail dam.  It is one of the few rivers that offers year-round trout fishing in Montana,  except, of course when the Siberian Express arrives in the dead of winter.

The Bighorn offers opportunities for every angling preference.  It seems most anglers spend the bulk of their time nymphing but throughout the year fish can be had on the dryfly.  Consistent hatches mean some portion of the fish are always looking up.  The large number of brown trout mean streamer fishing is always an option as well.

The Bighorn is a pretty far out there, that’s for sure but two of the best guides on the river are old friends of Tom Jenni’s Reel Montana…..and we’d be happy to hook you up with them.