The last few years have been the best I’ve ever seen on the Missouri.  The fish seemed to have grown even bigger and stronger, which given what the average size used to be is pretty hard to believe!

Montana’s Missouri river is not as crowded as the Bighorn or Beaverhead, and it offers equally outstanding tailwater flyfishing. By the time it hits the Wolf Creek to Cascade section the “Mo” has passed through three good sized reservoirs which ensures clarity. Occasionally described as “a giant springcreek”, the highly productive and usually crystal clear waters of the Missouri below Holter Dam host consistent hatches as well as outstanding nymph fishing throughout the year on all but the coldest winter days.

The Mo is a great mayfly river with hatches of olives, pmd’s, tricos, and pseudos as the year progresses from early spring through the fall. These bugs can provide great dryfly fishing but the fish, even when up and feeding, are rarely easy. These trout can get quite selective and a guide can really help most fishermen capitalize on the fishing. Working one of the giant “pods” for which the Mo is famous is an experience few flyfishers will forget. Caddis, hoppers, and even streamers can provide great fishing at various times. The average size and fighting ability of the rainbows here is truly amazing.