The Stillwater River, flowing north out of Montana’s Beartooth mountains is more a beautiful mountain stream than a river. It is also anything but “still” with a high gradient, lots of pocket water and riffles punctuated by some spectacular pools and exciting whitewater stretches. The flyfishing here can be fast work with a quick cast required for a single shot at a nice piece of water. We love to guide this river because the good news is there is lots and lots of nice water so you get plenty of chances. We have had good success here with beginner fishermen because of the numerous opportunities available. Miss one and the next is immediately available. There is also a healthy number of smaller, agreeable fish, ready to pounce on any reasonable presentation. Brown and rainbow trout are found throughout the drainage with a few brook trout up high. Plenty of larger fish can be found in the Stillwater along with a few huge browns down low in the system.