Dain Trafton

My life changed forever at eight years old when my grandfather and father put a flyrod in my hands.  Any grandiose expectations my parents may have had of their son becoming a big shot in the “real” world were over.  I tried in vain to make a career working one of those jobs that makes parents proud and wallets swell.  In the end my love of big rivers, wide open spaces, and ultimately trout won in a landslide.  I moved from Maine to Montana in 2000 and have been guiding and outfitting anglers ever since.  I believe that being a good guide is much more than about being able to catch lots of fish.  What separates great guides from good guides is versatility and the ability to understand that different people have different ideas as to what constitutes a successful day.  Whether you are a fly fishing novice or a seasoned expert, I look forward to sharing my love of Montana with you.