Andy H.

Pennsylvania |

On allĀ our trips everything has been perfect. Sleeping near and wakening to the sound of swift waters…Being annoyed at catching -over and over- those dumb little 12 to 18 inch trout when we’re looking for the “big guys.”…Really tasty shore-lunches…and you always had an awesome dinner in store….how much my father and I appreciate the hard work you did. How you catered to us, tied our flies, un-tangled our lines and made us into impressive (well in my eyes anyways) anglers.

Your lessons are more like taking advice from a trusted friend. There are so many things that we appreciated about your professionalism, the care and fore-thought with the trips we did, I wouldn’t even know how to fit them all in a letter.

I will always remember my last cast of our last day, shooting the line WAAY further than I should have, dropping the fly right on the line, hearing you say “That should be rewarded” and… “mend it” Then watching a monster leap right out of the water with my fly in it’s mouth.