Told you I’d spread the word. Here’s a start, with the Triangle Fly Fishers chapter of Trout Unlimited. Hope it helps your business; you deserve it.
Ron put an article in his local TU newsletter for me- Thanks Ron! (View Article)

Ron H - North Carolina

I wanted to thank you for the great fishing we experienced under your talented instruction. Steve and I truly enjoyed our day with you… on Armstrong Creek and will highly recommend you to our friends…

Vicki W. - Virginia

Hi! Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great time on the Smith……..You guys were great, a real cut above most guides I have been around.

Neil L. - Montana

Thanks so much for the incredible fishing experience yesterday. I can honestly say that my fishing trip with you was the highlight of all my fishing trips. How many people can say that they caught 2 fish on their first 2 casts, or that they caught a brown trout as large as the one I caught? You certainly put me in the fish. All I had to do was to bring them in. My shoulder is so sore this morning, from landing all those fish.

I truly appreciate your patience , while I was getting the techniques down, as well as all the nymphing and casting tips you gave me. I must also compliment you on being so well prepared. The lunch and snacks were terrific.

I’ll definitely tell my fishing buddies to try to arrange a guided trip with you. Who knows, I may even try to come back later in the year for another fishing trip.
Thanks again for the most incredible fishing trip of my life. I’m sure I’ll meet you on the river again. Thanks

John L. - Illinois

I want to thank you for guiding us while in Montana, feeding us exquisite meals on the River, teaching us more about Montana flyfishing, but mostly for being our friends. We had a GREAT TIME. Pardon me for shouting but I just get excited thinking about that trip.

Frank O. - Florida

I hope things are well with you, that you have been guiding duffers like me into the paths of more monster trout …… You are a great guide and teacher and not bad as a cook, for that matter. Thanks

Paul D. - North Carolina

The staff, food, fishing, and everything was well beyond our expectations. Tom was one of the best (if not THE best) fishing guides I’ve ever been with. He was definitely the most patient, especially when I hooked myself in the…

Mark S. - Beijing, China

Tom is a great guide, an excellent teacher, and most importantly, a great person to spend a day or week fishing with.

Mark P. - New York

On all our trips everything has been perfect. Sleeping near and wakening to the sound of swift waters…Being annoyed at catching -over and over- those dumb little 12 to 18 inch trout when we’re looking for the “big guys.”…Really tasty shore-lunches…and you always had an awesome dinner in store….how much my father and I appreciate the hard work you did. How you catered to us, tied our flies, un-tangled our lines and made us into impressive (well in my eyes anyways) anglers.

Your lessons are more like taking advice from a trusted friend. There are so many things that we appreciated about your professionalism, the care and fore-thought with the trips we did, I wouldn’t even know how to fit them all in a letter.

I will always remember my last cast of our last day, shooting the line WAAY further than I should have, dropping the fly right on the line, hearing you say “That should be rewarded” and… “mend it” Then watching a monster leap right out of the water with my fly in it’s mouth.

Andy H. - Pennsylvania