The “day trip” is what many people have in mind when they think of flyfishing for trout. Whether it be a single day as you pass through one of our Montana towns or if you are here for a week’s worth of day trips with your own plans at night, one of our guides will pick you up in the morning and drive to where the fishing is best. We’ll tie on your flies if you need, or teach you how to do it better and faster than you already can. We’ll net your fish and take the photos.

Tell good or bad jokes. Feed you a delicious streamside lunch, possibly grilled salmon or chicken Caesar salad. Help you improve your cast, if that’s possible. We can identify the birds and the bugs and the other riverside wildlife. Our days can be as hard core or as relaxed as you wish. As educational or casual. Then we will drop you off at your doorstep and do it all again the next day. Our guides’ enthusiasm on the river will keep you smiling.