John L.

Illinois |

ThanksĀ so much for the incredible fishing experience yesterday. I can honestly say that my fishing trip with you was the highlight of all my fishing trips. How many people can say that they caught 2 fish on their first 2 casts, or that they caught a brown trout as large as the one I caught? You certainly put me in the fish. All I had to do was to bring them in. My shoulder is so sore this morning, from landing all those fish.

I truly appreciate your patience , while I was getting the techniques down, as well as all the nymphing and casting tips you gave me. I must also compliment you on being so well prepared. The lunch and snacks were terrific.

I’ll definitely tell my fishing buddies to try to arrange a guided trip with you. Who knows, I may even try to come back later in the year for another fishing trip.
Thanks again for the most incredible fishing trip of my life. I’m sure I’ll meet you on the river again. Thanks